Collaboration with Julius Dahlström https://www.instagram.com/crack_jens/

`Honey, I’m home` is a photography project criticising gender norms in everyday life in a playful way. 

Gender roles are criticised by artists and activists in modern western society. We approach this very serious topic playfully and ironically. Kitschy and excessively edited imagery turns the topic inside out. Artists themselves act as models and live through these experience of overdoing the family gender roles. 

The project was produced during the Covid-19 pandemic that opened up a lot of problems within traditional families and co-habitating practices. It was important for us to empathise deeply with the stereotypes in order to produce this honest imagery. We turn the photographs of everyday practices into a glossy lifestyle magazine content. We believe that provocation and irony can make people reflect on the binary gender roles of a heteronormative family.