Female Gaze explores and exposes male vulnerabilities in the context of sexuality and sensuality, watched from a strong female perspective. Men are depicted in the most intimate moments of a sexual connection, emphasising their fragility in a raw, ironic and poetic way.

“Stories told in each artwork are very personal to me as an artist and as a human being, which makes me even more vulnerable and exposed to the audience than my semi-fictional lovers”

This project scrutinizes bodily experience of a gendered person. I was a model for most of the artworks performing a gender role that I don't always identify with personally.

Exhibition concept

This exhibition is a multisensory experience where visuals are “illustrated” by short poems and a soundscape. Dark space with black walls and spotlights on the artworks creates a sensation of intimacy. The room is filled with the sound of moaning men. Something we are so used to in mainstream porn - the sounds of moaning and screaming women - is turned around here to make the audience feel slightly uncomfortable, smile and question the male gaze, the male hearing and the male-centered norms of sexuality.

FRANK gallery, 14th - 23rd October, 2022

Malmo, Sweden